In order to offer our clients new materials (finishes and colors) to display at the materials and leather exhibitions held in Tokyo each year,
we concentrate our efforts on researching and developing finishes and colors with thousands of different materials.
We also have experience in exhibiting in the materials category of the leather fair held each year in Hong Kong and, together
with agents around the world, have significantly contributed to and advanced the development of reptile leather.

■ In the 1990s, we founded our manufacturing department for handbags and products using reptile leather
and sewed the handbags in our own factory.
We opened our reptile specialty studio, PONTE, in Otaru, Hokkaido.
We also established the sales headquarters for our product manufacturing division in Kyoto
and developed wholesaler relationships with major handbag makers and textile traders throughout the country.

■ In 1992, we established a crocodile farm as a wholly owned subsidiary in Indonesia, Ekni Jakarta.
We are currently running a successful operation raising artificially incubated saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles.

■ In 1998, the Crystal Reptiles brand was born as a Leather Jewels concept and we began conducting reptile leather handbag order sessions
at famous department stores and boutiques throughout the country as well as exhibitions organized by our clients.

■ In 2003, we began special order sessions for our custom order brand MODEL T, aimed at major select shops, upscale boutiques, and V.I.P. customers.

■ In 2007, direct sales of the Leather Jewels brand, oriented towards direct and mail order sales, began.

■ In 2009, we exhibited at Mipel, the world's largest trade fair, held in Milan, Italy, as the first Japanese maker specializing in crocodile leather.
Our participation was picked up by the Italian media (including TV, fashion magazines, and business newspapers)
and we acquired support from numerous makers around the world.
We have consistently engaged in reptile leather handbags and continue to grow as a maker of genuine articles that are unique throughout the world.
Our rare gems, deserving of the moniker "masterpiece," are created from the pride of a group of genuine professionals completely knowledgeable in exotic leather.

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